30 de ago de 2009

New Tattoo

New times... new tattoo

3 de ago de 2009

Camden Town - London

Everyone knows about Camden town, so I dont have much to say about it haha
here are some pictures from there:

I bought this t-shirt in one of the stores, I don't even listen to the rolling stones, but I love this tee haha

Staples Market - London

I had never heard of this place before! it's awesome.
It's in Camden High Street and it is basically a market where there are a lot of ethnic stuff, food from all over the world, leather shops, a bunch of GREAT vintage shops and a lot more crazy stuff. It has sort of a gypsy looking haha. But I didn't have much time to see it all, but I took some photos, because I think that, unfortunately, I'll never have the oportunity to go to a place like this again, it's very unique.

I bought this silver ring from one of the million shops from there haha.

And we had some beers right in front of Staples after every shop from camden town that we went haha.
Nice day it was...

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