7 de dez de 2009

My two toned hair

Some people have been asking how did I get my hair this color (two toned).
Actually, I went to the hairdresser and I asked him to lighten just the ends of my hair. Just that. But it didn't turn out as blonde as I wanted, so I did myself the same thing the hairdresser did to me at home and it turned out perfect.

My hair is not actually that dark, it is light brown, but it looks really dark in this picture because it has a high contrast.

My advice is that if you wanna do this, go to a good hairdresser to have it done. seriously
It's really easy, but you can't do this by yourself if your hair isn't already two toned.

I'm planning to get the lighten (again) and maybe add some black parts, but we'll see...

I hope I have answered your doubts!

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